It has come to the point in my journey of minimalism where I am starting to repeat clothing. Well, that is the whole point of this challenge, but it can be pretty difficult. One of the ways I like to transform pieces is by layering. Just because it’s not cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t layer! Adding more clothing to a simple piece can completely change the look.

So with this maxi dress, I decided to layer and knot my snake print tank over. This gives the illusion that I am wearing a tank and a skirt, without actually having to go out and buy seperates. I put on some cool, stackable rings and some chunky earrings to dress up the outfit a bit. Some comfy, strappy sandals are enough to complete the look. This outfit looks super laid back and effortless- perfect for a summer shopping day, or grabbing lunch with friends.

When you feel as if you have nothing to wear, experiment with layering. You can create a whole new look without having to buy new clothes.


Btw- How do you guys like my ombre nails? I’ve been obsessing over nail art!


Some days, I am so lazy and tired that I don’t feel like putting any effort into my outfits. This outfit is so comfy and easy that I really didn’t have to think about it. These green pants are on of my favorites, they are so incredibly comfortable that it feels as if I’m wearing sweatpants. Then I threw on this loose fitting striped tee and a pair of espadrilles. I also decided to leave on my glasses because it’s nice to give my eyes a break (and they’re so cute).

We all have those days that we don’t feel like doing anything, but you can still look cute when you want to be lazy!


(Yes, I have actually read this book. Twice.)

Modern Ballerina

When I was a little girl, I would pretend to be many different things. I was a princess, a teacher, a mom, and of course a ballerina. Now that I’m older, I can still play dress up. I take inspiration from all around and apply that to what I choose to wear. Today, I wanted to be a ballerina.

This blue skirt is one of my faves (as I have said before). It is flowy and pretty and makes me feel like a dancer. I’m wearing it with my plain, fitted tube top because I wanted the focus to be on the skirt. I then added this really cool statement necklace for an edge. My hair is in a low bun to dress up the outfit a bit, and of course it is ballerina inspired.

You can still have fun with you’re clothing even though you’re not a little kid anymore. That’s what fashion is all about!

“Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” -Kate Spade


Small Details

As you probably have noticed, my style is very simple. I don’t like wearing a lot of jewelry or elaborate clothing. The rest of my wardrobe consists of basic clothing that can be mixed and matched. It is the small details that make clothing most beautiful, like this tank top. It looks like a plain black tank, but when you look at the back you see it has dainty strap detailing. It is a way of making a statement without being over the top.

I’m wearing it with high waisted coral shorts because I like the pop of color for summer. Then, I added a gold belt and gold drop earrings to add a little glamour. And then of course I put on my favorite black sandals.

Sometimes, with style, it isn’t about how elaborate your outfit is, it is about appreciating the clothing and paying tribute to the details.


Red, White, and Blue

The wonderful colors of America! Today is Independence Day, which is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it- fireworks, barbecue, tacky flag-printed clothing. It really is a great day. So of course, I had to show my American Pride, but in a classy way.

Since I’m spending my holiday outside, barbecuing and popping fireworks, I went for something super casual. I’m wearing a comfy, loose-fitting navy and white striped tee and a pair of jean shorts that peek out a little at the bottom. I added a pair of strappy white sandals and a silver statement necklace to dress it up a bit. For some color, I am wearing my neon yellow bag and, of course, my nails are painted red.

You could wear this outfit when you’re celebrating with your family, but of course you can wear it any other day! It’s great for those days when you’re out running errands, or for a day at the amusement park. You can still be classy when dressing casual.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!


Cute Comfort

For me, the hardest part of getting dressed in the morning is deciding whether to dress cute or comfortable. It seem as if you have to pick one or the other, that there is no outfit that is the perfect mix. Well, I have found the solution. These wonderful, loose fitting shorts are sent from heaven above. They are super cute AND incredibly comfortable. I love that the print is busy enough that I don’t have to put much effort into the rest of the outfit. They make me look dressed up and, since they are loose, they are very flattering. Because of the loose style, I paired them with a fitted top so I don’t look frumpy. But of course, I had to wear it with my ankle strap sandals (they go with everything). I grabbed my clutch and threw on a bracelet and some studs and I was ready to go.

This outfit is ideal for fence-sitting and fence-leaning. But, you could also wear it pretty much anywhere since it is so comfortable.

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for cuteness, you can easily find a mixture of both. Be willing to try new things.


(Yes, I did have a blue raspberry nerd slush before I took these pictures. They are my favorite.)

So Boho


Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I go straight to my dresses. They’re fast and easy, all I need to do is match a pair of shoes.

This maxi dress is one of my go-to items. It’s super simple and I can do so much with it. Every girl needs a dress like this in their closet!

For today, I decided to wear the dress by itself and add a thick, gray headband for a relaxed, bohemian look and then I threw on some sandals and a silver bracelet. This outfit is super comfortable and wonderful for those hot summer days. It’s perfect for shopping, or spending time with friends. So cute yet so simple.

When you don’t know what to wear in the morning remember, you don’t have to wear a lot to make a statement. Simple is beautiful.



Summer Neon

Waking up early Saturday morning to go to the farmer’s market is always an adventure. I love watching people wander through the aisles of fresh veggies, holding their dogs in one hand and canvas bags in the other. Particularly, I love seeing what they wear. I am always on the lookout for inspiration. On this Saturday morning, I was eager to try out the neon trend and I am obsessed with the way it turned out! I love the contrast of the coral shorts and the neon yellow bag. It is so fun and summery, and obviously an eye-catcher. I added the lace top because it is dainty and really mellows down the harshness of the neon. Also, the retro sandals and sunglasses give it a fun twist. For my hair, I decided to put it in a high pony to keep the outfit more casual and light (plus it was super hot).

This is something that can be worn hanging out with friends or running errands, but put your hair down and add a pair of chunky heels and it could be worn to a night out with friends. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment with colors, summer is the perfect time to do so! Look for inspiration all around, but most importantly, be the inspiration.


Bold Blue

Every time I go shopping, for some reason, I gravitate toward anything black or gray. My favorite pieces in my closet are either black or gray. It is always the easier and safer option to buy something in a neutral. I mean, they go with everything right? Well this summer I challenged myself to be more colorful. So I bought this skirt, and I am so happy I did, it makes anything I wear stand out. The cut is so flattering and I love how it’s not too short. It’s definitely a new staple piece in my collection.

For this outfit, I paired the gray tank with this skirt because it is a huge contrast in colors and it really stands out. I add my ankle strap sandals and my favorite black clutch to dress it up a bit since the skirt is a dressier material. Since I have my hair in a messy bun, I put on big, sparkly studs to add a little glamour. I would wear this outfit on a casual day, but since it’s dressy-casual it’s totally appropriate for a dinner date or for when you need to dress up a little.

Be BOLD with your style. Add color, and wear things you wouldn’t normally. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.